Nothing too small or too big!!!


Cybertech Computer Systems was founded in 1998.  
We operate as an assembler, marketer and distributor of information technology products, data processing devices and other related Information Technology products in Namibia.

Cybertech Computer Systems supplies leading brand products to its customers, and therefore has strong support from top international brands. We provide a full IT service and have 15 years of experience and expertise in Namibia. With knowledge of the local infrastructure, local people and local economy, we provide solutions that work!

Cybertech Computer Systems
We supply products and services to the Namibian Government, manufacturing industries, distribution industries, retail and end users. Included amongst these are companies in the diamond industry - the local company NAMGEM and the International companies, Lazare Kaplin International and JK Diamonds. We also provide services for Rubenstein Software and service other related diamond manufacturing equipment.
As we are a privately owned company, we provide the best products and services at the best possible prices. We have never tried to be cheap, we rather choose to provide solutions that work, and the best service to back it up. 

• We opperate in, Windhoek and Okahandja daily. 
• We distribute and service customers with superior products nationally.  
• We provide services to companies within and outside of Namibia. 

Cybertech Computer Systems - A complete IT solution in Namibia.